SOAP Ground rules : behaviour policy 2019 [PDF]

@ SOAP we will……

  • Respect each other and be polite.
  • Listen to each other’s point of viewBe
  • kind.
  • Not use rude language or swear.
  • Not be physically violent.
  • Look after each other’s property & lunch boxes.
  • Look after the playground.
  • Put litter in the bin, help to clear up & Recycle.
  • Be honest and not cover up the truth.
  • Get help when we THINK something is not right.

We ask that everyone (grown-ups & children) do this for a safe, happy, inclusive playground.

If you’re not happy, talk to a playworker.

You may be asked to leave if you are unable to follow the SOAP code.

July 2019

Soap Safeguarding Policy 2019 [PDF]