Do I need to book to come to SOAP this summer?

YES – You must pre-book your child online if you wish them to attend SOAP this summer.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITHOUT A CONFIRMED BOOKING.  Spaces are very limited, and demand is high.  We have limited spaces for children in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 upwards, from September 2020).  Children must be at least 7 years to attend.  

Please only pre-book sessions that your child will attend.  Once your enquiry has been processed we will be in contact with you to confirm your booking for a morning or afternoon session.  At this stage we will ask you to complete our revised registration form, and agree to the terms & conditions of being at SOAP this summer. PLEASE NOTE – we are not running our usual open access play scheme, and children will not be allowed in to the playground without a booked slot.  

Why do I need to book to come to SOAP this summer?

Because of the Government’s COVID-19 regulations to reduce the risk of transmission we will allocate children to consistent “bubbles”.  We therefore need to know in advance who is coming to each session. If you have not requested and been allocated a place at a session we won’t be able to let your child attend.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITHOUT A CONFIRMED BOOKING.

Will my child be allowed into SOAP if I haven’t booked?

NO –if you have not requested and been allocated a place at a session we won’t be able to let you attend.

Can parents/carers attend the playground with their children?

NO – in-line with Government guidance we are limiting the number of children & adults on site during each session. Access is restricted to booked, unaccompanied children only, and essential staff.  

Can my child stay at SOAP all day?

NO – children can attend for 2 hours per day only.  Your child cannot attend a morning session and an afternoon session on the same day. 

How can I book a place at SOAP this summer?

A parent or carer needs to complete a Booking Request Form. SOAP will then allocate sessions and confirm your booking(s) ASAP. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITHOUT A CONFIRMED BOOKING.

What if I book a place at SOAP and then cannot attend for whatever reason?

We understand that this is life – BUT, please be aware that spaces are very limited this year and demand is very high. There are families in our community who lack access to gardens, or easy access to green space.  Please think carefully about attending before you book sessions.   

What does it cost to come to SOAP?

Nothing! SOAP is free to attend at all times for all children.  We are a small local charity and rely on donations to keep open.  Please consider donating through our local giving page.  It all helps whether large or small.  

Can my child attend with their friends? 

If you want your child to attend with friends or siblings then you can add their names onto the Booking Request Form. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we will allocate you sessions together but we will if we can. We won’t have the capacity to rearrange the groups once they’re allocated and we won’t be able to let children in if they’re not on the daily register. 

How will places be allocated at SOAP this summer?

We will review all pre-booking enquiries and allocate spaces based on Government guidance that recommends keeping playgrounds local and children in small and consistent groups. 

What should my child bring to a SOAP session?

As little as possible, but this should include a named water bottle, coat &/or sunhat if the weather requires it.  We do not have space or outdoor cover for children’s belongings.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD WITH SNACKS OR A PACKED LUNCH.  Sessions are only 2 hours long, and are timed to be before (10-noon) and after lunch (2-4pm).

We have some limited space for bikes at SOAP and encourage cyclists to secure their bikes at the top of the lane before they get to the playground.  

What about sun-cream?

Please apply to your child before they arrive at SOAP if they need it.  SOAP play-workers will not be able to apply sun-cream to a child when they arrive, nor do we keep sun-cream at the playground. 

If it’s outdoor provision only, what about the use of toilets?

Children will have access to a toilet if they need it, BUT we are asking parents/carers & children to help minimise toilet use at SOAP by requesting that they go at home before they set off, and then when they get home.  We will operate a 1 in 1 out system if a child requires use at the playground.  

Will it be safe and what COVID-19 safety measures has SOAP put in place?

We have consulted Government Guidance on COVID-19, and have completed a risk assessment to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at SOAP.  This can be found on our website. This is a summary of measures in place: 

  • All parents/carers of children offered a place on the play scheme will be asked not to send their child if they or anyone in their household are experiencing coronavirus symptoms.  We will also ask that parents/carers of children who may have attended the play scheme to report coronavirus symptoms of children or members of their household to SOAP within 24 hours, and that they follow the latest Government guidance.   
  • We will store names and contact details of children and staff that have attended the same session should someone report COVID19 symptoms and the track and trace procedures are needed.
  • The play scheme will be entirely outdoors, and sessions will be limited to 2 hours only.
  • Priority will be given to children who live in the local area, and who are within walking or cycling distance. 
  • Numbers of children and adults at any one session are restricted to unaccompanied booked children only, and a small staff team.
  • Children will play in small consistent weekly bubbles of no more than 15 children, cared for by a consistent staff team to minimise the amount of mixing of individuals.
  • Extra outdoor hand washing and hand sanitizing stations are in place and verbal and visual reminders to children and staff to practice good hand hygiene will be given through the sessions.  This will include all staff & children washing their hands with running water and soap on arrival and at departure.
  • Social distancing (1m+) will be encouraged – verbally and visually. 
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach, with extra tissues & rubbish bins at the playground.
  • Encourage children to avoid using the toilet facilities at SOAP, by going before they arrive, or when they get home.  
  • Increased frequency of cleaning of toilets and washrooms (staff’s & children’s)
  • Additional cleaning of resources, equipment, touch points etc. will take place during the sessions and more thoroughly at the change-over between groups of children.
  • Resources and equipment used by one group of children will not be share with another group before being cleaned at the end of each session.
  • Children are asked not to bring any belongings to SOAP other than a named water bottle, coat &/or sun hat. 
  • As usual we will have an appointed staff member responsible for first aid.  Staff will attend a first aid training covering COVID-19 prior to the play scheme opening.
  • Staff members and volunteers are aware of the new safety measures SOAP has introduced during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak